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БДМ «Beloit» оборудование для производства туалетной бумаги и цветной салфеточной

№ 5501
БДМ  «Beloit» оборудование для производства туалетной бумаги и цветной салфеточной.  Ширина: 2100 мм. Скорость: 900 м/мин. Производительность: 50 т/сутки. В состав входит оборудование массоподготовки.

БДМ «Beloit» оборудование для производства туалетной бумаги и цветной салфеточной.

Ширина: 2100 мм.

Привод: правосторонний.

Скорость: 900 м / мин.

Продукция: 15 – 30 г/м.кв.,

Производительность: 30 т /сутки.


Пар - 2,5 т/т

Вода - 10м3/т

Электроенергия - 800 КВт-ч/т

Сырьё: целлюлоза.

Stock Preparation 1 Pulper Conveyor Belt, including drive, 1 High-Consistency Cleaner, make BLACK CLAWSON, including drive, 1 Double Disc Refiner, make SUNDS-DEFIBRATOR, type CONFLO J01, including drive, 2 Deflakers, make ESCHER WYSS, type Gr.1, including drive, 1 Disc-Filter, make BELOIT, type Polydisc, with 13 discs and 15.5 m² filter area. including drive Including all pipes, valves, pumps and instruments directly connected to the a.m. equipment. Approach Flow System Complete approach flow system from outlet of machine chest to inlet of headbox including 2 centrifugal cleaners 2 pressure screens, make BLACK CLAWSON Selectifier, 1 fan pump with drive. Including all stainless steel pipes, valves and instruments.

Vacuum System Complete, including 3 vacuum fans, installed as cascade, with max. 137.3 m³/min and 3.6 m water column, separators, all stainless steel pipes, pumps, valves and instruments.

Paper Machine
1 Headbox, pressurized type, with manual cross profile adjustment, inside stainless steel polished, 1 Wire part, cantilevered, made of fabricated steel, partly clad with stainless steel, including suction breast roll, all dewatering elements, wire drive roll, pneumatic wire guide, wire stretcher, high and low pressure cleaning showers.
1 Press part including 1 suction press roll 614 mm diameter with shell made of bronze and 1 blind drilled press roll including lowering and lifting equipment.
1 Creping Part with 1 oscillating creping doctor, make KADANT-JOHNSON Conformatic and 2 cleaning doctors.
1 Yankee Dryer, 3642 mm diameter, steam pressure 7.53 bars gauge, material: high class cost iron coated with wear resistant a high-chromium alloy, type TSX with a thickness of actually 0,57 mm (on radius)
1 High-Performance Yankee-Dryer Hood, make BRUNSCHWEILER, steam fired with 12 bars steam pressure, temperature max. 160°C, including tube-type heat recovery system.
1 Quality Control Scanner (QCS), make HONEYWELL-MEASUREX, type MX Open for the measuring of basis weight and moisture cross profile as well as colour.
1 Pope reel, hydraulic type, designed for winding up reel to a max. diameter of 1.5 m 1 complete PM-Drive, including drive control
1 Doubling-Rewinder with 4 unwind stands, designed for 1 – 4 layer products. Max. rewind-diameter depending on number of layers between 1320 and 1500 mm. Complete including drive and drive control.

Spare Parts
Included as far as available Technical Documentation : included as far as available

Excellent. Machine was fully operational when shut in October 2011. After shut down it has been carefully cleaned and all parts sensitive to corrosion have been impregnated with corrosion protection material.


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