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БДМ для производства санитарно-гигиенических видов бумаги и бумаги для полотенец

№ 5505
БДМ  для производства  санитарно-гигиенических видов бумаги и бумаги для полотенец. Ширина: 3100 мм. Максимальная скорость: 700 м/мин. Производительность: 35000 т/год.Продукция: 15 до 54 г/кв.м.

БДМ  для производства  санитарно-гигиенических видов бумаги и бумаги для полотенец.

Ширина: 3100 мм.

Скорость: 700 м / мин.

Производительность: 35 000 т /год.

Граммаж: 15 - 45 г/м2

Производство: 18 - 20 г/м2 сухая гофрированная бумага, 38 - 54 г/м2 влажная гофрированная бумага.

Может производить 100 г/м2 влажной гофрированной бумаги.

Эффективность работы БДМ при 50 г/м2 состовляет 85%.

Привод секционный, левосторонний.

Год выпуска: 1989, с последующими модернизациями.

Завод оборудован котлом, системой водоочистки. Также имеются запасные части.

Вся документация и чертежы в наличии.


Электроенергия - 0,73 МВт-ч/т;

Вода - 30 м3/ т;

Пар - 1500 кг/т.

Это универсальная машина с фоурдринером, янки циллиндром и 8-ю сушильными циллиндрами.

Последние инвестиции в завод - 5 млн. фунтов.

В состав входят:

Оборудование массопоготовки

Гидроразбиватель брака


Напорный ящик / Мокрая часть

Прессовая часть

Янки циллиндр

Послесушильная часть


Вакуумные насосы


Система возобновления пара

Система водоочистки




Stock Preparation
Two De Zurich and three Metso Consistency transmitters.
All water and stock/pulp pipes are stainless.
All stock chests are concrete with side entry agitators.
Lamort 18 m³ stainless steel pulper fed from OK conveyor with side entry. Conveyor on load cells feeding into a Lamort batch operated HC pulper with a helical rotor. Batch operation and consistency 12%. The mill has a spare rotor for this pulper. Also a spare base section.
Lamort dumping Poire size two in stainless with Lohse pneumatic valves. Rejects dumped onto a flat belt conveyor and then into an external skip.
Sicma wire baler for wires removed from waste paper bales.
After pulper dump chest. Cleaning is by two Lamort HD cleaners with auto pneumatic dump valves. Next stage is a Lamort CH horizontal screen in stainless: model CH5 with 2.2 mm holes. Rejects are treated with an Esher Wyess reject sorter, model one.
Next stage is a Lamort CH 10 horizontal stainless steel screen currently not used due to cleanliness of the pulp.
Back water fibre thickening is by an Andritz screw press model SCP7541M/16178 installed in 2005. The scew press also washes out fillers from the pulp.

Broke pulper
Lamort stainless batch pulper with an OK conveyor. Batch operation, consistency approximately 8%, with a perforated screen plate below the rotor to catch any large contaminates. In line is a Lamort HD cleaner with pneumatic auto slide valves. This is not used as the quality of broke was clear of HD particles.
All water, stock pumps are Scann manufacture and this includes the pumps on the final water floatation clarifier.

Esher Wyess DSR 20” refiner with auto load control motor. 250 kw and 985 rpm.
Five stage Celleco LD cleaner system: Cleanpac models.
Machine pressure screen: Lamort SP 800 in stainless steel.

Flowbox / Wet End
Overmechanica flowbox hydraulic operation, stainless steel, manual profile adjustment, slice width 3200mm. Stainless clad cantilevered wire section, vacuum assisted foils, polyethylene tops/foils, plain breast roll, guiding system, auto wire tension, HP and LP showers.

Press sections
Most of press section box frames replaced with stainless build, rubber covered felt rolls, auto felt guide, auto felt stretcher. Uhle boxes and seamed felts are used.
First press: Overmechanica 880mm diameter, suction press roll with a bronze shell. Polyurethane cover and cast iron box.
Second press: Overmechanica 620mm diameter plain roll with a polyurethane cover.
Tail feed by Fibron air transfer.

Yankee Dryer
Dryer cast iron on A/F bearings, working pressure 8.8 bar pressure, diameter 3048mm, face 3442mm, bearing centres 4102mm, width over bolts 3647mm, paper width 3276mm, shell thickness 38.16mm. Metal sprayed by Voith in 2012. Design speed is 720 m/min, suction press roll loading 470 pli, plain press roll 450pli, auto oil lubrication, Kadant steam joints, Kadant Confromatic creping and cleaning doctors. Press loadings on yankee: first nip 82.31 KN/m and second nip 78.81 KN/m.
Drive is sectional electric via a Santasalo Hollow gear unit with an independent lub system.
Brunnschweiler dryer hood.

Spare Yankee
The mill is including a spare Beloit Yankee dryer, year 1968, of similar dimensions and pressures. The dryer is currently on site, protected and stored on a purpose designed cradle.

After dryers
Eight after dryers on A/F bearings with auto lub system, guides and tensioners, The dryers are 1500mm diameter, bolted ends, sheathen rope feed. Operating pressure 7.93 bar, open gear drive from sectional independent drive motor. Kadant steam rotary joints the dryers have own hood with front opening door.
Voith/Fibron tail transfer system via Lippke cross machine measuring O frame.
In line slitting section manual set maker Mario with twelve slitters.
Slit edges are transferred via a trim fan to a continuous hydraulic baler with hopper and air separator. Auto wire feed for bales.

Reel up
Conventional horizontal reel up Overmaechanica manufacture with electrically operated primary arms, hydraulic operated secondary arms. Roll diameter 2000 mm, expanding core shaft centres for 202mm diameter cores.
Adjustable core shaft removing system located at the dry end of the machine.

Vacuum pumps
Two vacuum pumps in the machine rear and upstairs: Nash CL 1002. Fans for vacu foil units on the wire section.

The drive is sectional electric and ABB manufacture. Some drive parts with upgrades.
The machine house has a machine crane traversing the total length of the machine house and upper stock preparation area. Rated at 8.5 ton. The dry end has purpose made lifting beams with hooks for expanding reel bars and complete paper rolls. Within the stock preparation areas there are lifting points and fixed beams to enable maintenance.

Heat recovery systems
Metso external recovery system in stainless steel.

Water treatment
Metso Optidaf: year 2006 in stainless steel with level control, inspection window with sludge density control meter. Overhead camera to keep watch from control room.

Robey boiler: duel fuel oil or gas. Saakke burner. Mill uses gas. Package design, maximum capacity 37,000 lbs/hr, at 15 bar pressure, working at 14 bar pressure. Year 1986.

Honeywell TDC 3000 for the analogue control with GEC Gem 80 system. QCS uses Lippke scanner controlling profile, gsm and moisture.

Input power to the mill is 11,000 volts. Then down to 3300 volts. Power use in mill: 415v and 230 v AC. Transformers, HT and LT panels, starters’ switchgear and cables are included.

Atlas Copco screw compressor operating at 6.7 bar pressure, 900 ft³/min. Air dryer and air reservoir.
NB. The machine is well supported with spare gearboxes, motors, valves, gear wheels and many small spares.
The building is also available under separate negotiation.


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