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Завод по производству целлюлозы из древесной массы

№ 1201
Завод по производству целлюлозы из древесной массы. Производительность: 200 т/сутки

В состав входит:
Wood Line

Modern woodyard: year 1972 with various improvements over the years. Production is 125 m/hr of logs.  Design capacity 62.5 cm³ wood per hour. Design speed is 0.5 to1.5 m / min. Camera system operated from central control station.

Log hopper for in feed of 8 m length logs. Two in feed lines 3.8 and 4.4 m wide. Maximum design load of conveyors is 63 tons.

Three sets of saws in conveyor system cutting logs to 1060mm lengths. Drive is 50 hp. Roll centring system before saws are 1500mm diameter.

De-barking drum with rubber inner bark removing units: 5 m diameter and 30 m length.

Log conveyor with reject section with rejects going to a reject screen.
Kone/KMW chipper with single motor drive producing  350 m³/hr of chips. Chips transferred by chip screw into next stage.

Log conveyor system feeding debarked logs outside the building with option of feeding external log magazine or on-going to feed the groundwood plant.

KMW Chip screen

The system has its own self-contained water screening system and reject debris from in feed conveyors is continually cleaned from the base of the conveyors with waste going into the waste water system.

Groundwood plant (200 t/day) Year of manufacture: 1958 with various rebuilds. Production average 8.8 t/hr and rejects 3.4 t/hr.

Conveyor log feed to log magazines for logs.

Fork truck log transfer from magazines to log hoppers on grinders.

Six Voith grinders model 5 with log magazines. Motors are Schorch 3000 kW driving via gearbox to grinders.

Rotary screens feeding onto conveyor for pulp.
Screens for cleaning water from grinders. The screens have horizontal screen plates.
Five horizontal screens for coarse screening of the pulp model Celleco HRCC-4 .
First stage screening  two  Tampella model 36P, secondary stage two Tampella TL200 pressure screens.

Three stage screening by pressure screens:
Primary screen step 1: 45.A208 Basket with hole diameter 1.6 mm.
Primary screen step 1: 45.A210 Basket with hole diameter 1.6 mm.
Primary screen step 2: 45.A212 Basket with slot 0.15 mm.
Primary screen step 2: 45.A214 Basket with slot 0.15 mm.
Secondary screen:        45.A216 Basket with hole diameter 1.6 mm.
Secondary screen:        45.A218 Basket with hole diameter 1.6 mm.
Reject screen:               45.A274 Basket with slot 0.15 mm
Celleco Cleanpac LD cleaner system in three stages: first stage 80 cleaners, second stage 32 cleaners and third stage 4 cleaners.

Two stainless DSM bow screens in one unit.
Celleco heat exchangers: model IH.
Hedemora disc filter for pulp thickening. Model VDF 45.A228 M 200734  and disc diameter 5m rebuilt by GL&V. Inlet  0.5%, 30,000 litres/min, freeness 32 CSF, temperature 75 to 85 °C, design thickness in accept pulp 9.52%. Filtrate 350 ppm.

Pressure screen: BCI 24P, stainless steel with gearbox drive for cleaning water.
Tanks for clear filtrate water and thickened pulp.
Pre - thickening screws feeding the Sudor model 150 screw press in stainless steel, motor and gearbox drive.
Celleco screw press with Hagglund hydraulic drive.

Mixer for bleach then pulp fed into bleaching towers 170 m³ and 250 m³ capacity.
Tanks for rejects feeding screw thickeners which then feed Jylhavara SD 62 rejects refiner.

Stainless pulper for mixing pulp to the correct consistency.
Final stage screening.


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