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Paper machine parts

VAS pressure box. Width 2950 mm.

No. 00213. Year of manufacture: 2005.

Sorting machines

Voith Sulzer pressure sorter, model Axiguard CS3-T.

№ 00910  
Year of manufacture: 1995.  


Voith VS12 hydraulic breaker. Concentration: 7 - 8%.

No. 01010. Year of manufacture: 2004. Volume: 12 m3. Dry and wet pulp, Wood pulp in rolls or bales, Machine waste, Waste paper, etc.

Paper machine parts

Escher Wyss pressure box. Width 2450 mm.

No. 00214. Year of manufacture: 1985 (overhauled by VOITH in 2005).

Paper machines for sanitary and hygienic types of paper and glazed single-sided paper

A complete line for the production of sanitary and hygienic types of paper. PRM with Crescent former. Roll paper width: 3150 mm. Speed: 1700 m/min.

№ 03009

Year of manufacture 1995 (modernization 2015) The delivery set also includes: Maso - preparatory department; Production process management system; Water treatment and water purification system. 

Packaging lines for sheets paper

Bielomatik sheet cutting and packaging line, model P32-02 S.

№ 01401
Year of manufacture: 2012. Sheet format A4. Excellent condition.

Sorting machines

Pressure sorter LAMORT, model SPM 800.

№ 00909  
Year of manufacture: 2001. Available 2 pcs.

Sorting machines

Andritz pressure sorter, Moduscreen F30 model.

№ 00908  
Year of manufacture: 2001. Sorting and fractionation.


Escher Wyss reject sorter, Model: RS3.

№ 00607.

Year of manufacture: 1994. 


5-stage system of vortex conical cleaners. Cyclotech (Sweden).

№ 00606.

Year of manufacture: 2001. Total flow 41.000 l/min. 

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