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Mobile paper/cardboard sorting system on a truck trailer

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№ 03109
Year of manufacture 2018.

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Manufacturer: MultiNET International BV 

Functional capabilities: 

  • Separation of paper and cardboard;
  • Sorting from impurities.

The throughput capacity of the installation depends on the composition of the loading material, humidity and the desired sorting result and ranges from 6 to 25 t/h.

Brief description of the operation of the installation: Idea mobile paper/cardboard sorting system is simple and ingenious. The customer wanted to equip the already existing system, consisting of a conveyor belt and a packaging press, with a mobile sorting system in order to automatically sort the paper fraction from extraneous inclusions, if necessary. 

Technical data of the Two-level star-type separator:

  • Number of axles per deck, 7-axle cam deck, 7-axle second deck;
  • The sorting width inside is 1600 mm;
  • Drive power: 2 x 5,5 kW;
  • Diameter of sorting stars:% 650 mm.;
  • Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 7200 x 2500 x 2500 mm; 
  • The weight of the machine is 11800 kg.

 Note: Rubber sprockets are very quick and easy to change.


Technical data of the conveyor for removing small fractions (Paper):

  • Location: under the separator;
  • Type: Sliding belt conveyor;
  • Drive power: 4 kW;
  • Dimensions of the conveyor belt (LxW): 11500 x 1800 mm.

Note:  Can extend 4 m beyond the end of the trailer. This means that the sorting fraction can either be sent to an additional manual re-sorting process, or simply transported in bulk onto the underfloor feeding belt for the baling press.


Technical data of the unloading conveyor belt (cardboard):

  • Type sliding belt conveyor;
  • Drive power 3 kW;
  • Dimensions of the conveyor belt (L.xW): 6000 x 1800 mm.

Note: Includes two baffles and is installed at the end of the separator. This means that the cardboard fraction can be submitted for additional manual re-sorting or simply stacked in bulk.

Technical data of the trailer: Manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull AG, Type SO2. Year: 2002.:

  • Permissible total weight: 39 t;
  • Trailer load: 12 tons;
  • Axle load 1: 9 t;
  • Axle load 2: 9 t;
  • Axle load 3: 9 t;
  • Trailer load: 12 t;
  • Trailer dimensions: 13900 x 2550 mm.

Condition: Excellent. The system is ready for immediate use.  Complete documentation available.

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