Representation in Eastern Europe:

Phone: + 380 63 171 62 63
Mobile phone: + 380 67 445 11 27


List of basic services

Technological consulting for corrugated factories

  • Diagnostics of the technical condition of the equipment;
  • Diagnosis of technological problems affecting the quality of products, the productivity of technological equipment and the amount of technological waste;
  • Solving technological, technical and organizational problems identified in the process of diagnosis;
  • Personnel training;
  • Assessment of personnel qualifications;
  • Development of optimal formulations of starch glue;
  • Optimizing the compositions of corrugated cardboard raw materials;
  • Reducing the level of technological waste;
  • Equipment maintenance;
  • Starting corrugated production "from scratch".

 Dismantling of Equipment on the territory of the UES

  • The special division of our company provides high-quality services for dismantling the equipment of corrugated factories and paper factories in the territory of the EU;
  • The company has the necessary licenses to carry out these types of work on the territory of the EU;
  • A reliable and effective means of protecting the interests of customers is the availability of professional liability insurance documents at our company when performing these types of work;
  • We have at our disposal all the necessary equipment and professional tools for carrying out these types of work;
  • The company guarantees the speed and quality of dismantling works, which is achieved due to various equipment and the experience of specialists.                                                                                                   

Other Services:

  • Search Equipment for customers;
  • Consultations on equipment for corrugated factories;
  • Equipment inspection and evaluation;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Transport insurance;
  • Construction works;
  • Supply of spare parts.

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