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This section contains a list of spare parts and their brief description. These parts can be installed in the equipment of all manufacturers. Production according to drawings is possible.

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  • satiated;
  • Parts for reducers;
  • Paddle stirrers;
  • Screws, screws;
  • Protective sleeves;
  • Gears;
  • Rotors.


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Box & Papers:

  • Sieve





    Eye-shaped holes, individual design.


    Sieves are used for quick removal of large or small particles of mass of low concentration with a strong flow.


    The sieve of vibrating sorting has an opening size that is usually twice as large as the average length of the fibers. Therefore, it is important to choose the right ego. After all, due to an incorrectly selected sieve or because of its poor quality, incorrect operation of the equipment is possible.

    Properly selected sieves increase efficiency, have a long service life and reduce costs.



  • Reducer spare parts

    Reducer spare parts



    Rotating nodes for:

    • High concentration hydraulic breakers;
    • Low concentration hydraulic breakers;
    • Pressure sorting;
    • Dispersion systems;
    • Deflakers;
    • Mills.


    Complete replacement of the rotating unit module:

    • Easy installation
    • Minimum downtime;
    • Easy accessibility;
    • Optimal performance;

    These spare parts are manufactured using the best available world-class production technologies.


    Bearing glass

    Execution: SS304 stainless steel

    Application: rotating units


    Connecting flange

    Execution: standard

    Application: connection


    Slotted sleeve

    Execution: SS306 stainless steel

    Application: shaft-hub


    Drive shaft

    Execution: EN-9 carbon steel

    Application: rotating units



    Execution: SS304 stainless steel

    Application: rotating units


    Bearings SKF-01

    Execution: standard

    Application: rotating units


    Bearings SKF-02

    Execution: standard

    Application: rotating units


  • Stirrer blades

    Stirrer blades



    Stirrer blades

    These blades are made using the best available production technologies.



    • Adjustable angle;
    • Different performance to meet specific needs;
    • Provide low power consumption;
    • Do not require maintenance;



    The stirrers are designed for mixing fibrous suspensions of all types of fibers in pools, batteries, tanks up to a concentration of up to 5% in the area of ​​the propeller. 


    Our company is also engaged in re-equipment of mixers and can offer blades for all types of mixers working at your enterprise, guaranteeing low power consumption, fast replacement and the optimum prices. 

  • Screws, screws

    Screws, screws



    Screws for dispersion systems

    Spare augers of various designs. Cast, for any application


    Adjusting screw

    Execution: EN24 steel

    Application: feed reducer


    Adjusting screw

    Execution: EN24 steel

    Application: Feeding - output


    Worm screw

    Execution: EN24 steel

    Application: feed reducer



  • Protective sleeve

    Protective sleeve



    Shaft protective sleeve

    Execution: CA40 stainless steel

    Application: shaft protection


  • Gears




    Gear wheel

    Execution: phosphor bronze 

    Application: gear feed reducer

    Deaf nut

    Execution: phosphor bronze

    Application: Supply - output

  • Rotors


    Can be installed in products of all manufacturers of the corresponding type of the equipment. Are made according to necessary combinations


    Rotors for mass sorting

    Rotors for sorting of weight of average and low concentration can be both standard models, and made according to parameters necessary for the customer. The rotor of a special design (Multi Vane Aerofoil Rotor) provides work of sorting without pulsations


    TF rotors

    Rotors like Tropical Fish - Tropical Fish. The rotor of a special design (Staggered & Tropical Fish Type rotor) which surface is covered with the acting contour elements. This rotor design creates a high-frequency pulsation with a lower positive pulse and a higher negative pulse in the mass sorting zone, which eliminates mechanical grinding of foreign inclusions and provides self-cleaning of the sorting sieve during sorting. The rotor is compensated, dynamically balanced for forms.


    Rotors for high concentration hydraulic breakers

    The geometry, profiles, bends and large surface area of ​​the rotor transfer energy to the fibers and generate friction between the fibers through high concentration.


    Hydraulic breaker impeller:

    • Innovative and energy efficient impellers;
    • Improved material;
    • Long service life;
    • Hardening of the surface.


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