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Работающая на газу ТЭЦ

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№ 0901
Работающая на газу ТЭЦ. Мощность: 42 КВт + 7 КВт.
Производительность пара: 105 т/час

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Работающая на газу Теплоэлектроцентраль:

Завод находиться в непрерывной работе, поствавляя электроэнергию и пар на соседнюю бумажную фабрику. Завод должен закрыться в апреле 2013, после чего он будет готов к транспортировке. Все части продаются как есть, без дополнительных гарантий. Транспортировкой занимается Покупатель.

Завод был построен в 1995/96 годах, чтобы сменить котлы. Пущен в эксплуатацию в 1997 году.

Аэро-производная газовая турбина "GE LM6000PA".

Мощность: 42 МВт + 7 МВт за счёт обратного давления паровой турбины "Siemens".

Производительность пара: 105 т/час (постоянно, краткосрочно - 120 т/час).

The gas turbine exhausts into a Nooter Erikson heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) but also has the option to exhaust directly to the atmosphere through a blast stack. This enables the gas turbine to be run in open cycle mode if the HRSG is not available. The HRSG has supplementary gas burners which can be run in addition to the gas turbine or can be run without the gas turbine by using forced draft (FD) fans to supply combustion air. This adds considerable flexibility to the plant.

• 1 x General Electric (GE) model LM6000PA Gas Turbine (GT) with water injectioncoupled to a Brush alternator rated at 42 MW output. The GT is capable of being fired by natural gas or distillate fuel.
• 1 x GT MK V control unit and associated auxiliary systems.
• 1 x Nooter Erikson Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) which is heated by the exhaust gas from the GT and capable of supplementary firing with natural gas or distillate fuel. Maximum steam output 105 tne steam/hour.
• 1 x Water treatment plant consisting of two 100% twin bed resin exchange units and two mixed bed units (for GT water injection) complete with all auxiliary systems including chemical storage and effluent tanks.
• 1 x Siemens back pressure steam turbine driven generator set rated at 7 MW output.
• 2 x Bellis and Morcom 3 stage reciprocating natural gas compressors, operated as one running unit and a spare.
• 1 x distillate oil tank, capacity 1,500,000 litres.
• 1 x Heavy Fuel Oil storage tank and associated fuel pumps and pipe work.
• 2 x 11/132 kV transformers, each rated at 40 MVA.
• 1 x standby diesel generator.
• 1 x Serck Distributed Control System (DCS).
• 3 x Control and general service air compressors.
• 1 x Boiler chemical dosing system.
• 1 x CBISS Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) for monitoring and recording stack gas emissions.
• 1 x Cooling tower complete with dump condenser cooling water pumps dosing sustems and auxiliaries.
• 1 x CHP control building and facilities within.
• 1 x Additional office building.
• 1 x installed fire detection and suppression system.
• 1 x installed security cameras and associated equipment.
• 1 x installed gas detection system.
• All MP and LP steam pressure reducing stations and associated equipment.
• All installed cabling, transformers and switchgear associated with the above mentioned plant.
• Spare parts unique to the machinery scope as available.
• Extensive manuals, records and drawings as available.

The CHP plant had a steam delivery availability of around 97% for 2011. There have not been any major outages, planned or unplanned, in 2012 to date. A summary of power and steam production over the past year is available.


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